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Our fleet of aircraft is specifically designed for all levels of experience and flight envelope capability. XL Aviation is your one-stop shop to improve your stick and rudder skills, fly formation, train in aerobatics, or complete your UART.



 Available for Training and solo flight!
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Tom Cruise’s First Love (Pitts S2B Serial #5304)

Pitts S2B just added to XL’s stable! Sign up to fly or train!

Aircraft Rental Rates

Includes fuel, does not include CFI charges (typically $80 - $100 per hour)

Cessna 172S (N689SP)


PA-12 Super Cruiser


Super Decathlon


Pitts S2B


Pitts S2C




CESSNA 172M (N1387U)



CESSNA 172 (N332SP)


CESSNA 182P (N20975)





Block Rates DiscountEnthusiast

- Contact for details

Per Month
  • Fly any qualified aircraft
  •  Includes training
  •  Includes tail wheel qualification

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Primary CourseUART

- Contact for details

Per Month
  • 2 Days
  • 4 Flights
  • 4 Classroom Sessions

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Air Combat ManeuveringTop Gun

- Contact for details

Per Month
  • 1 Sortie
  • 6 Engagements

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Aerobatic, Tail Wheel & Spin EndorsementTraining

- Contact for details

Per Month
  • Training
  • Syllabus Available
  • 10-20hrs Typical

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Member Pilot

Take advantage of discounted block rates with scheduling priority.

All members get access to priority scheduling, discounted rates on time blocks and aircraft rentals, and early bird event offers.