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Northern California’s Aircraft Specialist

You will get exactly what you need to become a trained pilot that is better and safer than most, both in the air and on the ground! Available to you 24/7, our fleet of aircraft and expert flight instructors are better and more affordable than the rest. We also provide solo aircraft rentals and aircraft type certifications at all levels. Nowhere in the world will you find single pilot affordable access to a fleet like ours.

XL Aviation is now operating in Silicon Valley, KLVK: Livermore!
Rob Holland in an aircraft, with a student

Training that is not only better and cheaper, but also safer

Our mission is to train pilots to be better and safer in the air and on the ground. Our fleet of aircraft and expert flight instructors will provide exactly what you need, whether you are just starting out or want to train for commercial aviation. We offer flight training in aerobatic, onset upset recovery, and air combat maneuvering while working with the world’s top USAF, Navy, and NASA-trained aerobatic and combat instructors right here in Livermore, California.

Training Programs

  • XL provides training to all ages, from 0 hour beginner pilots to highly advanced aerobatic pilots.
  • XL provides training to private, instrument, commercial and CFI ratings guaranteed at the most affordable rates available anywhere.
  • XL provides the fastest and most economical path to commercial rating… our CFI’s are all airline and military professionals.
  • For the more seasoned pilot… XL provides initial and refresher Unusual Attitude and Recovery Training Certification, Formation Training, Tail Wheel Endorsements and Aerobatic competition training with sponsorship to all local Aerobatic competitions. Come fly with the XL Aerobatic Team!
Picture of a commercial airliner

Commercial Aviation Training

We can bring everyone up to commercial flying level and get their flight instructor certifications. This is important because pilot demand around the world is coming back. Competitors charge $105,000 for 250 hours to be a commercial pilot. XL Aviation charges only $58,000 (cash rate), which is 45% cheaper than the competition! We not only teach you how to fly well, but we go beyond what the FAA requires!

A young student with a trainer in a red plane

Beginner Aviation Training

Who comes to XL Aviation? Kids, hobbyists, commercial pilots, want-to-be commercial pilots, and military people getting experience, waiting to get into academy. We have programs for everyone, including beginners. Learning to fly helps you overcome fear. This skill carries over in life, giving you the confidence to learn new skills and build character. We have a stellar safety record, and we are simply better and cheaper than our competition!

Your aviation dreams start here

Stratus Financial is your connection to achieving your aviation dream. We work hand-in-hand with the XL Aviation flight school to provide you the financing you need to achieve your flight dreams as swiftly as possible.

Solo Aircraft and Rental

XL provides all our aircraft for rent solo. Fly your plane whenever you want, wherever you want and let us take care of everything including training if you need it. Check out your entire fleet of certified aircraft. If we don’t have what you’re looking for…call me.

Leaseback and sales

Fly for free! Let your plane make you money while you fly any plane you like at XL. There’s never been a better time to own an aircraft. Whether you’re buying, selling or partnering with XL, there’s no better location in the world than Livermore Municipal Airport.

Stop by the hangar anytime and chat with Mike Henderson (925 961 6135), we’re open 24/7.

Tom Cruise’s First Love

This Beautiful Pitts S2B just added to XL’s stable.
Come to XL Aviation for training and solo flight.

PITTS S2B Serial #5304

Learn to Fly… Fly Well… Don’t Suck.
XL is not a typical flight school… XL is the best place to learn to fly!

Mike Henderson: XL Aviation Owner Operator

XL is a work of Love. For as long as I remember I’ve dreamt of flight. I’m very fortunate with the help of great Aviators to have been able to make that dream a reality….not only for me… but for many many others as well.

XL Aviation is special. We ain’t a box checking hurry up to get your license flight school. Like me, XL is Old School. Our CFI’s are some of the best in the world. We’ll teach you to fly and fly well. I’m very proud of that.

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