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XL Aviation

Northern California's Tailwheel Aircraft Specialist

Whether you come to fly solo in the #1 high-performance tailwheel planes like an Extra or a Pitts, or to advance your stick and rudder skills, XL Aviation will meet your needs. We work with the world’s top USAF, Navy, and NASA trained aerobatic/combat instructors right here in Livermore, California.

Tom Cruise’s First Love (Pitts S2B Serial # 5304)

This Beautiful Pitts S2B just added to XL’s stable. Come to XL Aviation for training and solo flight. Learn to Fly…Fly Well…Don’t Suck.

Upset Avoidance & Recovery Training

We designed our UART program to provide the pilot mental and physical preparation for recognizing and reacting to situations leading to Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-1). The course provided by XL Aviation’s highly trained and experienced CFI’s will provide the pilot with various upset scenarios typical of those the pilot will encounter.  We train piltos to understand the aerodynamics as well as the physical and mental aspects of each situation. The course is in line with ICAO and FAA expectations and is highly recommended for pilots at all levels.

Aerobatic Flight School

Whether you’re just starting out or an advanced unlimited aerobatic competitor, XL Aviation’s instructors will take you to the next level. Our fleet of aircraft are all available for dual instruction and private rental for your next pleasure or competition flight. Nowhere else in the world can rent your own Extra, Pitts, Decathlon or Citabria.  XL Aviation also provides frequent 3-day Aerobatic clinics with the best aerobatic pilots in the US.  So stay tuned for dates of upcoming events and get signed up early.

Formation Training

Improve your skills as a pilot while you fly formation with other aircraft. Formation flying is an acquired skill that will make you a better pilot … period. What you will learn from XL Aviation’s military trained CFI’s will enhance your overall stick and rudder skills. It will also expand your situational awareness capabilities. And yes, we train for FAST (Formation and Safety Team) certification.

We participate and are proud supporters of the Memorial Squadron

San Francisco Bay Area Tailwheel Airplane Flight School - Formation Training - Memorial Squadron

Top Gun: Air Combat Training

At XL Aviation, we now offer ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) training. Experience ACM in the world’s most maneuverable aircraft while putting your aerobatic skills to the test. The training program combines everything on our flight training menu. It’ll expand and improve your situational awareness and response skills. We tailor our ACM sorties for all levels of pilot expertise by military combat trained CFI’s. Come experience aerobatic flight.